Shipping Fees & Policies
Shipping Destinations
We can only ship orders within Canada.

Shipping Charges
Actual shipping costs will be applied to orders. Minimum $15 shipping and handling fee will be charged.

Orders with shipping location in NT, YT, NU and air drop zones may be subject to additional shipping surcharges.

Shipments: FOB Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
All orders will be shipped in the most economical manner (for parcels this is generally UPS Ground) unless otherwise specified by you the customer. Shipments will FOB Newmarket, Ontario, and shipping & handling charges will be added to your invoice. A minimum $15.00 shipping charge will be applied to all orders, so we would encourage you to make sure your orders total more than $50 before shipping charges. When Spectrum ships to your institution, arrangements normally include delivery to your building's front door or loading dock. If the shipping company's assistance is going to be required to carry the parcels further into your building, Spectrum must be informed in advance and the additional handling charges of the freight forwarder will apply.

This logo on items indicates that additional shipping charges apply.